Air 2 in Timbre

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  • Air 2 in Timbre
  • Air 2 in Timbre
  • Air 2 in Timbre
  • Air 2 in Timbre
  • Air 2 in Timbre
  • Air 2 in Timbre
  • Air 2 in Timbre
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Getting to know Air 2 in Timbre

  • Hi-index 1.60 Aspheric prescription lens 20% thinner than standard plastic lens
  • Prescription lenses (with degrees) reduce Ultra Violet Light (UV400) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Constructed with lightweight, impact and heat resistant TR90 plastic for long-lasting use
  • Comfortable nose pads exert less pressure, designed for the Asian nose
  • Unisex, simple frame design
  • Rectangular frame suitable for Round or Oval face shapes

Submitting your prescriptions

foptics will contact you via your preferred contact method and guide you after checking out. We make glasses easy to buy!

Registered Mail - S$5.00
Normal Mail - S$1.50

*note: the merchant is not responsible for lost normal stamped mails. For greater peace of mind, please select the registered mail option with tracking number.

The merchant offers a 1-to-1 exchange for all defective glasses regardless of prescriptions. the merchant does not accept returns.

Should you need any help, please contact Do note that the merchant does not replace lenses if the prescription submitted is incorrect.

All glasses' frame and prescription lens will be inspected before mailing. Trust the merchant to do a good job!


  • No degree clear lenses
  • No degree BluShield™ lenses
  • 1.56 Hi-index basic degree lenses
  • 1.56 RayActive™ (Grey) lenses
  • 1.60 BluShield™ lenses
  • 1.67 Hi-index degree lenses
  • 1.67 BluShield™ lenses
  • 1.74 Hi-index lenses

Contact Method for Prescriptions

  • Whatsapp
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