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Ancient Spiritual Mystery Teachings of Kemet ( Ancient Egypt): The original source of Judaism, Christianity & Islam


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Author: Simon Starr

Number Of Pages: 94

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 13-05-2016

Details: Thoth, Hermes or Djehuty as this book refers to him is a mythical ancient Egyptian (Kemetian) sage whose wisdom is said to have transformed him into a god. Djehuty, who was venerated in Kemet from at least 3000 B.C.E., is credited with the invention of sacred hieroglyphic writing and his figure, portrayed as a scribe with the head of an Ibis, can be seen in many temples and tombs. He is the dispatcher of divine messages and recorder of all human deeds. In the great hall of judgement, the after-life court of the god Asar (Osiris) where the dead are judged, Djehuty would establish whether the deceased had acquired spiritual knowledge and purity, and so deserved a place in Heaven. Djehuty was said to have revealed to the Kemetians (Ancient Native Egyptians) all knowledge on astronomy, architecture, engineering, botany, geometry, medicine and religion, land surveying, and was believed by the ancient Greeks to be the architect of the pyramids. The Greeks, who were in awe of the knowledge and spirituality of the Kemetians, depicted him through their narrow view of the mysteries as Hermes, the messenger of the gods and guider of souls in the realm of the dead. To distinguish the Kemetian Djehuty, from their own, the Greeks referred to him using the title “Trismegistus," meaning Thrice Great, to honor his sublime wisdom. The remnants of the wisdom of Djehuty have been passed on in texts mistakenly referred to today as the Hermetica. Although largely unknown today, the writings attributed to Djehuty have been immensely important in the history of Western thought. They profoundly influenced the Greeks and, through their rediscovery in the fifteenth- century Florence helped to inspire the “ Renaissance” which gave birth to our modern age. The list of people who have acknowledged a debt to the wisdom of the Scribe of the gods reads like a “Who’s Who” of greatest philosophers, scientists and artists that the West has produced- Leonardo da Vinci, Durer, Botticelli, Roger Bacon, P

EAN: 9781533447524

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Languages: English

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