Anti-Cellulite Compression Leggings and Anti-Cellulite Firming Lotion Bundle


$ 34.99

  • Product Description

Our best selling leggings now come with our new anti-cellulite lotion so you can combat cellulite from multiple fronts.
The Anti-Cellulite Leggings are crafted with anti-cellulite fabric, making your cellulite appear non-existent while lifting your booty! Perfect fit and extremely flattering.
• Visibly reduces unwanted cellulite on legs
• Generates Infra Red Rays by Bioactive Crystal infused fabric
• Tightens & firms loose skin on thighs
• Ultra-Compression knitting to reshape & tone silhouette
• Boosts blood circulation to facilitate cellulite destruction
• High-waisted & thickened woven for midsection & tummy flattening control
• Accentuates your booty to give the illusion of rounder butt cheeks
• Sweat-wicking, extra stretchy & squat proof material
• 100% Poly/Spandex, Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
The Anti-cellulite lotion can be applied multiple times per day or overnight. It enhances circulation to breakdown cellulite, stimulates skin firming at key areas of the body, and helps smoothen and even out skin texture. It supports in waist definition, giving an appearance of slimmer body and firmer booty.

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