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Antique Victorian Mourning Shawl Ring Knit Wool with Hairpin Edges


$ 275.00

  • Product Description

This is an intricately constructed shawl, rather unique in its design, with hand knit intersecting rings in wool in combination with hairpin lace-like edges.  I have provided a number of close-up photos of the work- it is quite impressive.  I believe that this would have been worn by someone mourning the death of a loved one during the Victorian age.

Sizing: The shawl is rectangular in shape, measuring 46” by 52”, including the protruding edge shapes. 

Condition:  It is in excellent condition with no noted defects, maybe a couple of small breaks, really nothing - this looks like it saw little use and was well kept over the many years.   

This is a beautiful piece of work - being black, it is not immediately recognized for what it is, an incredibly complex shawl that would have taken a very long time to complete!

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