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$ 2,700.00

  • Product Description

This listing is for one pre-order of Ribbon Candy Shawl 5. Order your own "Soul Shawl" in custom colors, handmade by Ashley Lee Zhong of Snapdragon Brand.

This a SPECIAL OFFER to help fundraise for a permanent home for Snapdragon Brand.

Ashley will provide you with all the tools you need to design your perfect shawl. Start the process with a 15 minute color consultation and introduction to Ashley's favorite Indie dyers. Together, you can find the PERFECT hand dyed, artisan wool to make your "Soul" shawl match your soul colors.

Take some time to experiment and plan with the Custom Shawl Planning PDF, then have another call with Ashley to confirm your design.

After that, sit back and let her stitch your dream shawl! 

Your completed Ribbon Candy Shawl 5 will measure approximately 120x55" (305x140 cm) and can replace your winter coat! It's the coziest garment in the world...

Select up to 15 colors! The soft DK wool is a comfortable weight for winter-wear OR autumn chills.

This purchase includes:

-Custom Shawl Planning PDF to help you get your shawl ideas out on paper. 

-3 optional Consultations with Ashley through the video chat platform of your choice.

-Complete shawl labor, plus blocking and designer finishes by Ashley

-15 Skeins/colors, or 1500 grams of Hand-dyed Designer wool (you are welcome to submit your own yarns for inclusion as well)

-A 6-month fulfillment window (after color selection)

-Regular updates on progress and queue placement 


Production Timeline: 

Step 1: Purchase a Pre-order Slot in July 2022.

Step 2: within 1 month of purchase, receive Custom Shawl Planning PDF and schedule your first included online color consultation with Ashley. 

Step 3: Production will begin in September 2022. At that time, all customers who have selected and confirmed their colors/design will be added to a lottery system. In the interest of fairness, I will fulfill orders via lottery selection to randomize priority. What that means is: you could receive your shawl in 2 months, or 6 months depending on your place in the randomized queue. Please consider this carefully when purchasing--it could be a half-year wait. 

Note from Ashley: I hope the "gamble" of the queue can be a fun way of dealing with the fact that I am one person, who will be stitching every shawl, one stitch at a time, one shawl at a time. 

In the future, when I have developed my American Crochet Factory concept further, I will be able to fulfill endless shawls with a cooperating ARMY of crocheters. But right now it's just me and if I'm going to offer my shawls, it must be with some understanding of my human limitations. 

Thank you for helping me to secure permanent housing. 


Note: The Shawl in the photos is Ashley's original sample. You are buying a custom shawl that does not exist yet. You will not receive the shawl in the photos. 

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