Crow Canyon Home Small Spoon

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  • Crow Canyon Home Small Spoon
  • Crow Canyon Home Small Spoon
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This spoon is from the American brand, Crow Canyon Home. 

Enamel spoon with an angular shape and concave handle. A fun and stylish option which is great for daily use. 

Made from enamel, it is dishwasher safe and heat-resistant. However, it is not suitable to be used in the microwave. To clean it, use a soft sponge, do not use abrasive cleaner or hard water stain removal for the surface.

Crow Canyon Home, America’s premier enamelware brand, has been supplying great looking quality tableware since 1977. Beginning at extremely high heat, porcelain is fused onto steel base, making it safe for the oven and most heat sources. From there, the items are further decorated to create the various effects for the different collections. Over the years, enamelware has progress to become a versatile solution for everyone and every occasion, truly an icon which moves with the times. 

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