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Handmade Ribbon Candy Cowl: Warm Pink, Deep Burgundy, Chartreuse


$ 249.00

  • Product Description

Ribbon Candy Cowl--my popular Ribbon Candy design, worked in the round to create this marvelously tubular scarf. This sample is especially lovely--double length for layering and styling, and made from ultra-fine baby alpaca fibers. 

Here's a rare chance to own one of my originals. This is my only pattern sample and I'm offering it to you so I can fund my housing goals. 

You'll love the easy, pull-on design, the artful drape of petals around your face, and the cozy feel of being completely enveloped in the softest yarns available. Baby alpaca yarn is famous for being the ideal animal fiber for sensitive skin types. It is super soft and because of the fine-ness of the yarn, the material created is exquisitely thin and breathable. 

This designer garment contains thousands and thousands of tiny stitches, painstakingly handmade over a series of weeks. 

Blustery breezes stand no chance against you in your new Ribbon Candy Cowl. 

-Absolutely One-of-a-kind, you will receive the Cowl in the photo. 

-Handmade by me, Ashley Lee Zhong

-40" long and 26" around 

-This version is made with the *softest* baby alpaca fibers in 7 beautiful shades. 244 grams. 

-Ready to ship, worldwide! 

I am offering several of my most beloved design samples for sale in order to fund permanent housing for myself (Ashley Lee Zhong) and Snapdragon Brand. If you want to learn more about this project, view my blog HERE.

You can get the pattern for this design HERE and make your own!

Fit: One size fits most. The crochet should easily stretch over most head sizes. 

Allergy alert: This product is made from real Alpaca Fiber--it is famous for being hypoallergenic, but it still can affect very sensitive skin types. 

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