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Kiji Scarf With Shijira Weave, Pink and Grey Shima


$ 82.00

  • Product Description

Shijira ori is a cotton textile produced in Tokushima, Japan. This particular fabric is unique because of the uneven, wrinkle-like texture which feels comfortable when worn, especially during the summer as it does not stick to you when you perspire. This makes it an especially ideal fabric to use for yukataʻs.

This style of fabric has been deemed a national treasure in Japan. 

Sewn, pressed and packaged in Portland, Oregon.

  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • Sewn in Portland, Oregon
  • Size: 70" x 14.5″ approx.
  • Product #: KJ145
  • Code: WP50
  • Each scarf comes with a pin


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