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Ksisters Glow Up Fridge

by Ksisters

S$ 150.00

  • Product Description
*We only accept domestic orders for this product
Introducing Ksisters Glow Up Fridge  A mini skincare fridge that can help to keep your skincare products fresher for longer, reduce the amount of harmful bacteria present and prevents product degradation. It will fit perfectly on your bathroom or dressing table and it is the perfect place to store your skincare products! There is also a built-in handle which makes it convenient to transport your fridge around!


What is a skincare fridge?
It is a mini version of your normal fridge, but only meant for storing all your skincare products. It is a great idea to place your skincare in the fridge if you live in a tropical climate with high humidity like Singapore, as keeping your skincare outside, especially in the bathroom, can degrade a product or lead to fungal growth.

What are the benefits of storing skincare in the fridge?
Skincare products can stay fresher for longer and the cold temperature can help to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria present and prevent product degradation. It is also helpful for people with sensitive skin as cooler products can de-puff, soothe skin and tighten pores. Frequent changes in temperature may compromise the ingredients in the product formula so it is important to be consistent in how you store your products. Eg. Do not bring products from your fridge out with you in your pouch.

Why can't I place my skincare products in a normal fridge?
With a fridge only meant for skincare products, it minimises the chances of contamination and your products will less likely have an odour. It also has a constant temperature so it can improve the shelf life of your products.

What products can I keep inside?

  • Toners, sheet masks and soothing gels are great in the fridge as the cold temperature will stimulate the blood circulation in your face, improving the overall absorption of nutrients.
  • Cold eye creams can also cause short-term vasoconstriction (tightening of blood vessels), which can help to temporarily reduce the look of puffiness and dark eye circles.
  • Products with active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Retinols or natural ingredients are heat and light sensitive, and can oxidise faster if stored in places with lots of heat or light. To ensure longer product life, store these items in the fridge.
  • Some products are found to be more stable at room temperature therefore avoid placing them in the fridge. eg. serums, oils, products that may solidify.

We have included 7 of our best selling sheet masks from IWLT, BY ECOM and CommonLabs.

Media Feature

Our Glow Up Fridge was featured in The Singapore Women's Weekly as one of the gifts to buy for Valentine's Day!

Glow Up Fridge FAQ

Products included in the fridge:
1x Removable inner shelf
1x 3 pin plug
1x IWLT All in One Concentrate Treatment Mask
1x IWLT Purifying Centella Soothing Mask
1x BY ECOM Pure Calming Mask Pack
1x Common Labs Triple Vita Balancing Mask
1x Common Labs Ggultamin B Mask
1x Common Labs Ggultamin C Mask
1x Common Labs Ggultamin E Mask

Storage: 6L
Outer size: 208mm x 275mm x 303mm 
Inner size: 140mm x 148mm x 240mm

- Cooling and warming function
- Carry handle on the top
- Can be used indoors or when you are travelling in your car
- Car and household power adapter (SG plug)

DC 12V, AC 220V - 240V

How hot/cold can it get?
Cooling: 16°C -20°C, lowest 0°C.
Heating: 50°C - 65°C

Why is there condensation or frost in my fridge?
Condensation or frost may form inside the fridge due to the mechanics of the fridge. As it is a Thermoelectric fridge (not a Compressor fridge), this means that the fridge does not de-humidify the air - leaving the moisture content of the air that it is pulling into the fridge inside. It is recommended to occasionally turn off the fridge and clean the inside, including wiping down water.

Where can I store my Glow Up Fridge?
Store on a dry and flat surface away from any sources of heat, direct sunlight and liquids. Ensure the back of the fridge is placed away from a wall and is not obstructed.

Warranty period: 1 year

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