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Menagerie Snake Print Kimono


$ 106.00

  • Product Description

The Thistle and Spire Menagerie Snake Print Kimono features weighted stretch satin with a tie-able belt and super relaxed fit. This unique kimono features sheer mesh window pane panels adding extra detail.

  • XS/S – UK 6-8
  • M/L- UK 10-12
  • XL/XXL- UK 14-16

    Wanna do it right? Hand wash
    We know it’s a drag, but the surest way to make your Thistle and Spire last is by hand washing.

    1- Soak with a delicate detergent or lingerie wash for a few minutes in the sink, working suds gently into the fabric, and rinse thoroughly.
    2- Press against a towel to remove excess water
    3- Hang to dry

    Ain’t got time for that? Machine wash
    We know you’re busy. The next best option is to machine wash in your Thistle and Spire laundry bag.

    1- Place intimates in your T&S laundry bag and zip, don’t forget to hook your bras together.
    2- Wash on cold.
    3- Hang to dry (Heat from the dryer breaks down the elastic and spandex, making them fall apart sooner).


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