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Ocarina Flute Necklace Ceramic 4 Hole Midrange C Beautiful Wearable Musical Wind Instrument Whistle Choose Abstract Yellow Speckled - Clay Pink Floral Or White With Birds & Flowers


$ 36.20

  • Product Description

Beautiful Ceramic 4 Hole Ocarina Necklaces In 3 Different Colors - You Choose

Wear one of these beautiful Ocarina Ceramic Necklaces next time you go to a park or out for a walk. Ocarinas make whimsical music that is a perfect sound at outdoor fairs and events. A beautiful accessory that makes beautiful sounds!

Ceramic / Pendant Size: 10cm

How To Play The Four Hole Ocarina

Lavishly decorated, and with a beautiful sound, these vessel flutes were used in ancient cultures to charm the birds, please the gods, and lift people into a higher state of consciousness. Such flutes are now known as ocarinas.

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