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Polish MP5 Gas Mask with Filter and Bag, Like New, Black


$ 49.99

  • Product Description

The Polish MP5 was the first face mask adopted by Polish Land Forces following the political turmoil of 1989 and the start of the Third Polish Republic. Closely resembling the French ARF-A gas mask, it was designed as a replica and is often immediately recognized for its single panoramic eyepiece.

  • Rubber, Polymer Material
  • Panoramic View
  • Oral-Nasal Cup
  • Drinking Tube & Voice Diaphragm
  • 6 Adjustable Rubber Straps
  • Transport & Storage Bag with MOLLE-Compatibility
  • Polish Military Issue, Made in Poland

Please note: Available in Size 2 (Large) only. The black mask sets will come with a green OR tan-colored transport bag.

Its large lens offers an uninterrupted field of vision. The wearer can adjust any of the six straps for a more comfortable fit. This gas mask also features a voice diaphragm, allowing for clearer communication. Another feature is the drinking tube, which is useful for long-term use. This item also includes a NATO Approved 40mm Filter and a transport bag with MOLLE compatibility.

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