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Pride and Prejudice 14 | puff sleeved linen blouse


$ 69.30

  • Product Description

You deserve the best, so never settle for less.
Quintessentially Linennaive, this linen blouse embraces texture and shape in equal measure.
The puff sleeves evoke the joyful and whimsical approach with which the victorian-inspired brand constructs eye-catching yet versatile pieces.
Case in point ——Its smocked design and delicate fabric-covered buttons on the front—— just the right amount of historybounding and modern femininity for daily wear.

【Matching Skirt】
Linennaive's Tea Dance 5 Skirt

100% Linen, around 160g/gram
Color: A mixture of red and gold
Every year we have a dedicated team to study the evolution of linen. Linen is a traditional fabric. It seems that linen will not change even if dynasties have changed, and time has passed. Let us add a little imagination and curiosity here. If the raw materials remain unchanged, can the weaving method be improved?

After a year of research and development, we finally introduce to you our yarn-dyed linen and the next issue of knitted linen in this quarter. Traditional linen is woven first and then dyed. A piece of fabric uses one color. Yarn-dyed weaving is that we first design different colors, dye the linen yarn, and then spin it into fabrics, so that the linen can show very gorgeous and rich colors.

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