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Shepherds Shirt in Navy Tin Cloth


$ 250.00

  • Product Description


Smart enough for the office or a Michelin star dinner, mellow enough for a skate or a beach day, the Shepherds Shirt is our cornerstone piece at Imperfects.

Featuring two Chest pockets, one internal and one external, The Shep is a utilitarian work horse. You’ll be surprised how often you go for it to complete the kit and even more surprised by how it never makes it on to a hanger. Simplified with purpose, this thing rips on the daily. 

If you happen to score one of the Shepherds Shirts in an Original TIn Cloth, you are stoked GALORE because we are rarely able to make them in the coveted English Tin Cloth. You see, this special fabric comes from one of the oldest mills in Great Britain and shoots, it is hard to get a hold of this stuff.

The Tin Cloth Story:

Mike fell in love with this beefy cloth - most known for its use in British Military products in WW1 Era - throughout his travels in England as a brand developer for European Companies. He noticed its burly durable properties while vintage sourcing at an old English Boat Yard - the cloth was strewn over an old row boat being used as a tarp and upon inspection, it looked like it was new. He was explained to by the local yards-men that it was about 100 years old and he was completely shocked - he asked to cut off a swatch for sampling, they gave him the whole tarp. After a strange conversation with US Customs Clearance about the smelly tarp in his luggage, Mike got the cloth into the dojo and started researching - he was able to locate the old Mill in England and learned everything about Tin Cloth and its incredible weave which is impregnated with wax for durability. Shortly after making contact with the Mill, The First Imperfects Kit was born and it was comprised of The Shepherds Shirt and The Courier Pant in Navy Tin Cloth - this first Kit was the beginning of Imperfects as a clothing concept. 

  • 11.5oz Tin Cloth
  • 4.5oz Waves Pocketing (Original Artwork by Imperfects) 
  • Handmade in California
  • Navy Corozo Pin Shank Buttons w/ Brass Shank (Removable for Laundering)
Sizing Notes

This Edition of the Shepherds Shirt runs true to size, we recommend taking your normal size. Mike is 6' Tall, 175lbs and wearing a size Large.

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