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Sugar Rum 50ML Eau de Parfum


$ 218.00

  • Product Description

Sugar Rum 50ML Eau de Parfum. Part of the most supreme golden collection. Smells so good, you can almost taste it.


With Rum, Bitter Orange, Coffee, Black Chocolate, Rose, Madagascar Vanilla, Thai Benzoin, Texas Cedar and Sugary Notes.

The heart notes, or middle notes, of a fragrance are the primary notes that define the way a scent is described and categorized. The heart notes generally assert themselves in the first 10 to 20 minutes of wear as the top notes fade, and they make up the strongest impression of the scent. Florals, spices and botanicals are common heart notes.

The last phase of a fragrance's lifecycle, the drydown, refers to the final hours of a fragrance's detection, when the top and heart notes have completely disappeared and only the longest lasting part of the base remains.

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