Sweat Extreme and Latex Resistance Bands Set

by shopsculptsweat.com

$ 49.99

  • Product Description

Combine our most popular bundle with the latex resistance bands so you can maximize results and do the full gym work out anywhere, anytime. The Sweat Belt utilizes neoprene technology for double compression around the waist area. The Thermogenic Sweat Cream enhances circulation, improves fat loss, combats muscle fatigue and delivers therapeutic effects to ailing muscles. The resistance bands provide multi functional full body exercises for strength training, toning and body shaping fitness routines. With five different resistance levels, workout at home, in the park or use it at the gym.

Belt size: One Size Fits All (fits up to 42" x 8" wide)

Bands: 5 levels of resistance are:

• Green – Extra Light (Beginner)
• Blue – Light
• Yellow – Medium
• Red – Heavy
• Black – Extra Heavy (Experienced)

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