Sweat Vest, Sweat Cream, and Booty Resistance Band Bundle - Pink Easy

by shopsculptsweat.com

$ 49.99

  • Product Description

Our top selling bundle of sweat vest and thermogenic sweat cream now comes with our popular booty elastic resistance band. Combine the two to maximize your work out at home or your personal gym. Now comes with a FREE 5 min at home workout guide.
Wear the sweat vest during your workout to increase sweat up to 5x the normal amount. By mimicking a sauna-like atmosphere, this vest will help you shed weight via thermogenic stimulus and you can expect to INCINERATE that unwanted extra weight, target tummy fat loss, and protect yourself from injury. Look good, feel good ladies.

The thermogenic sweat cream enhances circulation and sweating. It targets fat loss and undesirable water removal. Combats muscle fatigue while enhancing muscle activity. Delivers therapeutic effect to ailing muscles, increases motivation and energy during physical activity and stimulates sweat glands, thus releasing buildup of toxins from your body.
The booty elastic resistance work out band will shake up your fitness regimen! Just 30 minutes a day with our booty blaster will perfect your peach so you can flaunt it on the beach. Takes CrossFit, P90x, Yoga, and Insanity workouts to the next level. Get a free 5 minute at home workout guide to LIFT, TONE and SCULPT your butt.

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