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The Skotch Cooler - Vintage


$ 60.00

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It may be considered a classic symbol of mid-century leisure and luxury (translation: the Drapers owned one on Mad Men), but The Skotch Kooler’s beginnings were actually far more humble. Born in the 1950s out of the need "to keep groceries cold on the way to the lake and fish cold on the way back," Hamilton Metal Products’ original round metal bucket was the first of its kind—but its sensible appearance didn’t exactly get consumers excited.

To spice up the look of the cooler, Hamilton brought on designer Petra Cabot to redesign—but she had something more like a revolution up her sleeve. Determined to create “the best-looking bucket anybody ever saw,” she turned to a classic red, black and yellow Scottish tartan accented with leather details. The iconic Skotch Kooler was officially born. 

After its redesign, The Skotch Kooler became so popular (did we mention the Drapers owned one?) that Hamilton Metal Products eventually rebranded themselves as the Hamilton-Skotch Corporation and expanded the line to include all sorts of outdoor products. You couldn’t hit a beach, park or campground without catching a glimpse of the bold red plaid.

Fast forward to 2017, when the Skotch Kooler brand was resurrected by two brothers and a friend who, inspired by fond memories of the Kooler from their years growing up in Brookfield, Wisconsin, jumped at the chance to bring it (and a few of its handsome and charming cousins) back into mainstream culture. 

Today’s Skotch products have been updated to suit your lifestyle while maintaining the unique look and artisanal craftsmanship that put the brand on the map. Constructed with high-quality materials and modern improvements, this iconic collection is back and ready to make a whole new generation go mad for plaid. So please, have a sip of the Skotch koolaid—we’re serving it out of a dapper red jug.

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