Trendglas Linea Cup with Saucer

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  • Trendglas Linea Cup with Saucer
  • Trendglas Linea Cup with Saucer
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This thin walled coffee cup is from the German brand Trendglas. 

It has a small squarish side handle, a wide mouth and a flat base. It rests on a clear saucer which gives it an understated and sleek look. 

Made from thin-walled borosilicate glass, it is heat-resistant and microwaveable. The saucer is made from thin-walled soda lime glass. With its smooth and non-reactive surface, this makes it excellent as containers for food and drinks.

Trendglas is a brand that originated from Jena, Germany. Their design ethos focuses on unsophisticated aesthetics, high functionality and a wide product range. They pride themselves on their products made from borosilicate glass which is a high-resistant glass suitable for domestic use. Their designs are sleek and durable, great for both entertaining or everyday use.

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