Easy Tutorials On How To Style Your Hair Quickly

1. The Adele Bun

Twist the fronts of your hair backwards, then loop the back of your hair around it to give it a classy bun made famous by superstar Adele!

Adele Bun


2. The Fishtail Bun

Be it a gown or a casual tank top, this look will project a neat and beautiful image!

Fishtail Bun


3. The Wedding Hairstyle

Simple yet elegant, a perfect look to go with a flowy bridesmaids dress.

The Wedding Hairstyle


4. The Asymmetrical Twist

Give your neck some fresh air with this off-centre twist — an edgier look from the normal bun.

The Asymmetrical Twist


5. The Outdoor Music Festival Look

Unconventional, hipster, and gloriously cooling.

Outdoor Music Festival


6. The 5-Minute Curls

Running for time, but dying for a wavy hairstyle that suits what you’re wearing for the night? Arm your curler and you’re ready!

The 5-Minute Curlsl


7. The Valentine's Messy Braid

Combining the sensual out-of-bed look with a lovely braid, this look will surely send your partner’s heart aflutter.

The Valentine's Messy Braid


8. Mohawk Braid Pony

Set a fierce first impression with this rocker-chick-meets-boardroom-entrepreneur look. Sporty and edgy.

The Mohawk Braid Pony


9. The Sleek Ponytail

Always wondered how Victoria Beckham or Heidi Klum achieved her ultra-glam look? Here’s how!

The Sleek Ponytail


10. Braided Gibson Tuck

This might take a little longer than 5 minutes but it’s so worth it! Impress your friends at a luncheon or gathering — you’ll look right at home in a tea party too.

The Braided Gibson Tuck


11. The Short Hair Pony Tail

Girls we value their short hair rejoice — you can now join the glorious pony tail club with this really simple ’do!

The Short Hair Pony Tail


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