12 Life-Changing Beauty Tricks For Every Girl

1. Hold back of spoon under your eye to apply mascara

spoon for mascara

This is to avoid unsightly marks in your under-eye area while you’re applying on your lower lashes. (source)


2. End of a pin makes a great nail art tool

pin nail art

The ends of matchsticks and pens too! (source)


3. The fuller, longer ponytail

fuller longer ponytail

In just one minute! Easy-peasy. (source)


4. Fix your broken eyeshadow

fix broken eyeshadow

Just add drops of rubbing alcohol to your eyeshadow and press it together with the back of a spoon. (source)


5. Easily add volume to your lashes

add volume to lashes

Blow dry your curler to heat it up (approx. 3 seconds) and it’ll curl your lashes more effectively. Tip: Dust on some foundation powder on your lashes before applying mascara to add volume. (source)


6. Get smoky eyes in seconds

smoky eyes

Use a cotton bud to smudge your liner to get an instant smoky eye sexy look. Yup, it’s that simple. (source)


7. Curl lashes with eyeliner stitch together

line and curl



8. Warm your mascara with your bra

mascara bra

Stick it in your brassiere for a few minutes and watch it will curl your lashes easily and beautifully. (source)


9. Make your perfume last longer

long lasting perfume

Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before you spray on your fragrance. Try it! (source)


10. Make your lipstick last longer

long lasting lipstick

Apply translucent powder over a piece of tissue on your lips to have longer-lasting lipstick. (source)


11. Quick French manicure cheat

manicure cheat

Use a rubber band to easily align your application. (source)


12. Dry your hair faster

dry hair fast

Using a tee shirt instead of a towel dries your hair a lot faster as it absorbs moisture more easily! (source)


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