7 Outfits Every Singaporean Woman Needs Right Now

We trawled through over 100,000 products on ShopperBoard and picked out 7 essentials that every woman needs in this temperamental weather in Singapore.


1. The "I Just Got Out Of Bed" Tee Shirt

I Just Got Out of Bed Tee

We've had all those mornings. Be it a weekend — or dreaded Mondays — we don't want to talk to anybody until we’ve had that first cup of black.

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2. The Basic V-Neck Top

Basic V Neck Top

It’s chic, trendy, and goes well with any outfit. Go sleeveless on a merciless hot day!

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3. The Work/Play Blouse

work play blouse

A versatile blouse that works well in client meetings and can hold itself at entertainment venues is a must-have.

Bonus: A necklace helps. A lot.

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4. The "Girl Power" Blazer

girl power blazer

Every lady needs a “you-need-take-me-seriously-or-else” piece in your wardrobe, while still looking effortlessly chic!

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5. The Prints Dress

Prints is everything. Besides, a flattering one will ensure you look your best in those #OOTD shots.

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6. The Flare Skirt

Flare Skirt

Big, bold, and beautiful — besides, you'll be thankful to have this breezy piece in your wardrobe on a 35°C day.

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And finally...

7. The "Boyfriend" Shirt

Boyfriend Shirt

Admit it, every gal needs this: for lazy Sundays, and days where you just wanna nua at your favourite cafe or.. at home.

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