Up to 20% off: Dresses, Watches, Shoes & Necklaces!

So you've been getting tons of wedding invites from friends and family and fretting about what to wear? Fear not, here are some ideas at up to 20% off!

1. The Understated White Mesh Dress


Not as plain-jane as a white dress, the mesh details on this understated beauty befits the blissfulness of a wedding ceremony. Still too plain for you? Get the next item to go along with it.


2. The Multi-Purpose Necklace


This classy accessory will add a dash of class and sophistication to any outfit and occasion. You can even wear it on work days when you feel like spicing things up a little!


3. The Couple Watch


Going with a plus one? Worry not. This couple Casio watch is simple and elegant: it will go along with his smart shirt, and the smaller one is perfect for your quietly sophisticated dress.


4. The Pastel Heels


One big fashion mistake is to wear your stuffy work heels to a dainty wedding reception. This pretty pastel platforms comes with a girly ribbon in the front yet presentable enough to stand tall amongst the bridesmaids. An absolute essential when mingling and taking photos.


5. The Black Maxi


A must-have in all ladies' wardrobe, this is the most versatile piece of clothing that will instantly add length to your body, and up the glam factor a few notches. Perfect for those multi-starred hotel banquets.


6. The Small Gold Watch


Going solo? This dainty yet brilliantly designed gold Titan watch doubles up as a bling bracelet and an accessory to tell time. An ideal addition to an all-black ensemble.


7. The Louder-Than-Life Skirt


Lunch and outdoor weddings are the hippest events nowadays. This colourful yet beautifully crafted skirt keeps things proper, yet is super ready for a party dance or two!