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1. Bye bye sweat stains

Bye bye sweat stains

Use a panty liner to prevent sweat/deodorant stains on your sweaters and cardigans!

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2. How to roll sleeves

How to roll sleeves

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3. Keep your zipper up

Keep your zipper up


4. Straighten your collars fast

Straighen your collars fast

Use a hair straightener if you're pressed (pun unintended) for time!


5. Bye bye smelly shoes

Bye bye smelly shoes

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6. Prevent and remove sweat stains

Prevent and remove sweat stains

Perfect for the hot and humid weather.


7. Stop that button from falling off

Stop that button from falling off

Never underestimate the small stuff.


8. Waterproof your shoes

Waterproof your shoes

Apply wax and use a hair dryer to melt the wax all over your shoes. Leave it for 5 minutes before wearing; pour some water on it and watch the magic!

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