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1. Floral Kimono

Floral Kimono

Flowy, light, and casual, the floral kimono started appearing in the summer collections of Forever 21 before finding its way to your most favourite blogshops.

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2. High Neck Tunic

High Neck Tunic

This understated cut is becoming an increasingly popular choice among the ladies, especially in the unforgiving weather of the tropics. 

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3. Black Puff Dress

Black Puff Dress

The olden days’ dresses with puffy skirts get a modernised twist with a leaner cut and gorgeous see-through prints. It’s the elegant yet unique piece for a dinner party.

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4. Mini V-Neck Dress

Mini V-Neck Dress

Yes, the mini dress has been around for awhile. But this outfit gives it a slightly sexier edge with a nicely-cut v-neck, giving you that extra sass when you’re walking down Orchard Road.

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5. Bodycon Dress

Bodycon Dress

An instant sell-out whenever blogshops launch their latest collection, the bodycon dress is a flattering cut on the Asian woman’s figure, giving it full freedom to showcase the prettiest patterns and prints.

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6. Geometric Shift Dress

Shift Dress

The shift dress is an essential outfit in every ladies’ wardrobe as it is versatile for work and play. The geometric patterns on this piece gives it a minimalist vibe, and it’s easy to match with a clutch or accessory.

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7. Amethyst Necklaces

Amethyst Necklace

Ladies are moving away from heavily accessorised necklaces to more unique and classy ones. Amethyst necklaces are edgy yet beautiful, and adds a touch of art to every outfit.

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8. See-Through Midi Dress

Midi Dress

The semi-see-through trend has made its way into the fabric of the popular midi dress. This striped piece adds length to the wearer, and is even suitable for semi-formal occasions.

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