Ichendorf Tequila Sunrise Jug

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  • Ichendorf Tequila Sunrise Jug
  • Ichendorf Tequila Sunrise Jug
  • Ichendorf Tequila Sunrise Jug
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This jug is from Italian brand, Ichendorf Milano.

The Tequila Sunrise collection shows a juxtaposition of glass elements in different colours, which makes it look as if it has liquid in it already. It features thin side handles and a round base that narrows to the neck with a spout.

Handmade and lampworked from borosilicate glass, it is also heat resistant.

Ichendorf Milano is a glassmaking specialist Italian brand. Initially known for its precious glass ornaments, they now produce cutting-edge hand-blown glass tableware. Its master-glaziers work with artists and designers to create glassware in light, modern forms, using only the purest materials to achieve a level of transparency devoid of imperfection. The great idea at the root of the productive philosophy of Ichendorf Milano is the encounter of tradition and innovation, of ancient techniques and modern lines. 

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