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Kobo Oriza, Slub Scarf, Old Rose and Tan


$ 89.00

  • Product Description
All aspects of production are done in the studios of Kobo Oriza. These processes include (but are not limited to!) product design, spinning yarn, warping, weaving, washing, and tasseling. Made using an Iwama weaving machine, the machine stretches the threads, adds weight, and weaves them one by one while the craftsmen make firm adjustments. "Changing weave", which combines three patterns of large and small herringbone and plain weave, is characterized by the three-dimensional effect and thickness of the fabric. It is a completely non-sewn finish with no seams anywhere.
  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • 85% Cotton / 15% Wool
  • Made in Imabari, Japan
  • Scarf (flat measurement): 16"x 69" approx.
  • Product #: KOS162
  • Code: NWS 

Learn more about Kobo Oriza and the Kijaku Ichiretsuki loom here.

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