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SIZE UP South Korea 19XX Vintage Flag Acid Wash Hoodie


$ 99.99

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The Flag on the back on the Hoodie is an 100% Authentic Flag that was passed down 2 generations starting back in 1950 when a war between North Korea (With the Support of China and the Soviet Union) Vs. South Korea (With the support of the United States). The Flag was signed by multiple South Korean generals before the grandfather of Size Up came home to America, also earning a Purple Heart. This is a staple in many countries History and carries a tremendous amount of authentic value. We can almost Guarantee you will not find another Hoodie like this ANYWHERE!????????

A hoodie dedicated to the 1950's generation and the soldiers who fought in the North Korea vs. South Korea war. A hoodie with a flag imprint signed by various South Korean generals. A hoodie that Size Up feels proud to bring to you. The South Korea 19XX Vintage Flag Acid Wash Hoodie is definitely not your ordinary hoodie. It comes with sentimental values and will make you feel proud for those brave souls who went to war to keep your country safe. Imagine wearing the hoodie that features a flag holding so much historical value. At only $99.99, it's a small price to pay to honor the heroes of the past.


Key details

✖️The historical importance of the flag signed by so many generals makes this hoodie a proud winter-wear to own. It is rare that you find a hood containing the initials of generals who never doubted their decision of fighting for their country.

✖️The hoodie's high-quality fabric makes it extremely comfortable. 

✖️Apart from the signed flag at the back, there is also a South Korean flag patch on the right arm.

✖️Premium YKK Zippers at bottom seams along each side for more room if need be!

✖️High Quality Fabric with Vintage Acid Wash

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