Sweat Extreme Complete Trimmers Bundle

by shopsculptsweat.com

$ 59.99

  • Product Description

Our bestselling sweat belt now comes in a bundle with arm thigh trimmers so you can get a complete fully body work out to slim and tone your waist (abdomen area), arms and thighs. It includes our thermogenic sweat cream to further boost your results.

Increase circulation and sweat production to get rid of the stubborn fat in the stomach area, inner arms, and thighs with our lightweight and flexible arm thigh trimmers bundle. Using the same sweet technology as our bestselling sweat belt, use these trimmers now to tone and slim your biceps and thighs. Made with 100% latex free neoprene, the thermal compression is designed with an interior that helps retain heat while repelling sweat and moisture. Simply wrap the trimmers around your arm and thigh and get exercising. Adjustable Velcro area allows you to secure trimmers as needed on your changing body size, naturally flexible no matter your shape or size. Perfect for men or women, use them during any at home, gym, or outdoor exercise. Say goodbye to fat from arms, belly to thighs and build confidence as you drip sweat after each work out.

Boost your results further with our thermogenic sweat cream. You will instantly see the difference in the amount you sweat with this cream on. It helps in targeting fat loss and undesirable water removal while delivering therapeutic effect to ailing muscles.

100% Polyester on the outside and 100% rubber on the inside.

Belt is one size fits all (fits up to 42” x 8” wide)

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