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Oh my lanta! We are loving freshies! The smells smell too good! They are so fun and unique! Use them anywhere and leave a nice scent behind!


Car Air Fresheners- Can be used in the car, closets, & small spaces. They will last anywhere from 3-5 weeks possibly longer depending on scents!

 PLEASE NOTE: Most people will start to get use to the scent after a few days. Other people will still smell the scent when you are no longer able to. If you are unable to smell the scent after several days- either ask someone who does not ride in your vehicle if they can smell it or place the Car Freshener back in its package and seal. Wait 5 days and then put it back in your car again.

 Caution: Please do not lay Car Fresheners on wood or other surfaces- they do contain fragrance oils that may stain. Always hang the car freshener in your vehicle, do not lay on the dash. Do not eat. This is not a toy

NO Scent - Scent Free
- for those chics who don't need the smell good!
Baja Cactus - blended fresh flowers notes of coconut soothing muck and small layers of sandalwood
Black Ice - Masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot top notes, wild lavender, and subtle florals are followed by sandalwood and soothing musk
Black Raspberry Vanilla - fruity berry – cassis type with top notes of peach, coconut, wild berry, bergamot, and strawberry.
Butt Naked - a tropical fruity scent. The perfect blend of fresh melon, sweet strawberries, juicy apples, and pears.
Cinna Bun - That first bite of the gooey sweet glaze from atop of a cinnamon roll brings you such joy. This fragrance is perfectly curated to bring you back to those times with subtle hints of vanilla, maple, and cinnamon.
Cowgirl Britches - A blend of leather, vanilla, and a sweet sugary scent.
Fruit Loops - Sweet orange, tangy cherry, and sweet vanilla bean with sandalwood create this nostalgic cereal scent
LeatherNLace - leather scent.
Love Spell - the ultimate blend of fruit and floral
Lick Me All Over - notes of fruit and lovely raspberry and melon aromas with a touch of vanilla that gives that rich, authentic scent.
Margarita - energizing burst of sweet, salty, and tart citrus
Naked Cactus - this prickly delight is a sweet fruity blend of watermelon and cherry hints of casis and berry notes with a touch of violet and sweet amber and topped off with musk and vanilla.
New Car - freshly cleaned car leather
Pink Sands - Bright citrus tones and juicy fruit accents surround this delicate bouquet of sweet florals and fresh greens
Pink Sugar - a very sweet fragrance that smells like fruity candy floss. The top notes are bergamot, Sicilian orange, and green nuance of fig leaves.
Sex On The Beach - A zesty combination of fresh ripened peaches, fresh squeezed oranges, and spiced cranberry
Snack Cake - Cake smell with a vanilla undertone
State Fairsweet notes of cotton candy, caramel apples, and funnel cake.

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